Fresh Pretzel Ideas

Here are a dozen quick and easy ways to marry flavor with one of J&J Snack Foods’ soft pretzels… then we will give you more!

  1. Use one of our Bavarian-style soft pretzel sticks to compliment anything Oktoberfest or for a European flare, such as brats.
  2. A crowd-pleasing sharable appetizer for bars or restaurants using soft pretzel sticks with queso or beer cheese dips. You know what a salty snack at a bar does for beer sales.
  3. Use a Bavarian-style bun for brats with sautéed onions and stone ground mustard for game day specials or event catering.
  4. Upscale breakfast sandwiches using a Bavarian-style bun for your egg, cheese and protein offering.
  5. Make your snack or dessert menu cravably delicious using Pretzel Fillers® Salted Caramel-Filled Bites. Double down with a scoop of ice cream.
  6. It screams “impulse buy” or “grab & go” when you choose J&J Snack Foods’ Federal® Soft Pretzel that are individually wrapped. Sounds good for convenience stores, colleges & universities and healthcare lunchrooms.
  7. Hot dogs and mini dogs delectably inside Bavarian Bakery® Buns make them a natural for catering and events and bar food extraordinaire.
  8. Twist SUPERPRETZEL® Bavarian Sweet Dough into anything, like your own brand of French Toast or Funnel Cake.
  9. Leverage Kim & Scott’s® brand stuffed pretzels as a compliment to soups or salads. Choose from grilled cheese, jalapeno grilled cheese, pizza stuffed or spinach feta stuffed gourmet pretzels.
  10. Use a giant 10 oz. Brauhaus Pretzel™ as the base for an over-the-top anti-pasta or charcuterie board for events, catering or steakhouse signature.
  11. Brighten up your kid’s menus or launch an LTO with SUPERPRETZEL® Whole Grain Soft Pretzels that are pre-formed fun-shaped with salt optional. Shapes include… heart, pumpkin, shamrock, snowman, star, turkey and apple.
  12. Build a beer boom at your bar with bite size and sharable SUPERPRETZEL® Soft Pretzel Poppers, like jalapeno & cheese, cheddar cheese, or Pretzel Fillers® such as cheddar, beer cheese or chipotle cheddar.

That should be a start on your way to success. Remember, soft pretzels grew nearly 20% in the last year and projected to continue to grow, so now is the time to innovate your way to a winning menu that is cravable for your customers but so easy to prepare.